2024 Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke Elections

The Executive Office of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke wishes to inform the community that Angus L. Montour has been named as the Electoral Officer for an additional upcoming By-Election to elect a replacement for Barton Goodleaf, who resigned his position as Ratsénhaienhs (elected Council Chief) on Monday. The resignation became official after his letter of resignation was read into the official minutes of a special duly-convened Council meeting called Tuesday expressly to address this matter.

A By-Election will be held as per Section 34.1 of the Kahnawà:ke Election Law, which reads:

“The vacancy of a Council Chief due to death, resignation or removal from the office more than eighteen (18) months before the next selection of Council Chiefs will be filled by the calling for nominations to fill the vacancy. This should be done one (1) week following the vacancy. A by-election should be called two (2) weeks following the nomination, with such modification or adaptation of this Law as the Electoral Officer deems necessary.”  

Further information will be provided by the Office of the Electoral Officer beginning next week.